Rapha Data Systems Ltd. is a niche company that helps organisations maximize the business value of their data through the implementation of Data Governance and Customer Analytics solutions.

Data Governance

We design and implement preventive and/or corrective controls that ensure specific data fields (i.e. customer contact details, demographic info) captured either by humans or automated processes meets pre-defined quality standards - which we implement as business rules.

By implementing Data Governance, your organizations will be empowered to exercise control over processes and methods that impact the overall data quality.

Customer Analytics

Data has become ubiquitous...and so has the potential for turning the data into revenue-producing actions. Through our Customer Analytics offerings, we can help you achieve just that. We develop models capable of supporting your sales, marketing and Customer Relationship Management efforts.

Put your data to work. Have an in-depth understanding of new forms of customer data. Use existing data patterns to forecast your customers behavior.