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We offer products and technical services that help organizations make the most out of their data asset


Convert Operational Data into Revenue Generating Actions

Historical data is the computers equivalent of human memory and experience. Hence, the more data your organisation have, the more knowledge there you can extract and convert into actions that can support your day-to-day decision making process.

Rapha Data can assist you unlock the key factors buried within daunting and sometimes complex datasets as well as operational databases that are hosted in your data centers whether on-premise or in the cloud.

It is true that extracting insights from data could be complex; but the business goal is almost always simple - uncover information you can use to solve real problems. We are more than happy to are ways we can help:

  • Customer Complaint Analytics
  • Retail Lead Generation
  • Value Chain Implementation
  • Power BI Development
  • BI Schematic Data Modelling