Our Passion

In a technology enabled, retail driven marketplace, businesses must be able to analyze their data almost in real time and convert insights extracted from their data into revenue producing actions.

We are a company that is laser focused on solving real business problems using data analytics.

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Rapha Data Systems Limited is a niche company that provides data governance solutions and analytics services tailored towards enabling organizations optimize the business value of their data asset.

Data is our passion. Our deep belief is that data can drive business growth. Our mission is to pioneer the deployment of data analytics and machine learning services that truly solve tangible business problems that can be quantified in monetary terms.

We challenge ourselves and our clients to put their data to work and gain the much needed insights necessary to boost revenue, better manage operating cost, and minimize business risks.

We do acknowledge however that the quality of data can be significantly improved upon. With data governance, that problem can be addressed in a manner that is sustainable - not just for the short term.